A revolution in Instructor-led Training

Business Blox microlearning courses are designed to achieve maximum impact business training with minimum effort. Short, targeted bursts of information help you absorb and understand key concepts. Each segment is searchable, so it’s easy to zero in on specific information as needed.

Our Personal Blox courses are fast-track versions of the MedCerts™ healthcare certification preparation videos, with subject-matter experts on-screen, and engaging interactive demonstrations. Progress quizzes and final assessments make sure our students are ready to take and pass their national certification examinations.

A Complete Education Management Platform

Track progress, take notes, and receive certificates of completion, all within our streamlined online learning system. You can review any material as much as necessary. Built-in assessment tools can help you spot and correct problem areas.

Our Business Blox users can upload proprietary videos, assign learning plans, and keep track of every student’s progress. We can even design and produce custom learning content.

Education is the key.

We know that effective training is the best path to reaching your goals. We are constantly designing new learning options and innovating our current ones, because we know that we need to stay ahead of the curve to keep you on that winning path.

Meet our Professional Experts

we stay on screen helping you every step of the way.

Ben Vivante

Ed McCrae

Dr. Ryan Jesperson

Jason Christie

Kelly Buchnat

Garon Smith

Liz Cook

Heather Walsh

Business Blox

Our Library of business technology courses, along with custom education management features, are only available to business users. Click here to find out what we can do for your company.

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Personal Blox

We are proud to offer individual students access to fast-track versions of MedCerts healthcare certification courses. Click here for more information.

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